Blackbirds Archery Classes (age 6-8), six weeks Apr 2-May 12

Gold Medal Archery

$ 119.00 

Blackbirds Archery Classes, six weeks Apr 2-May 12

Ages 6 & 7 register for this class after completing the Doves level. Archers continue to have fun shooting and are introduced to essential foundations of shooting form for accuracy and personal health. Strength and fitness training exercises for archery will also be introduced. Equipment is available or bring your own equipment with instructor approval. Archers who complete this level and are 8 years old can move into an Eagles class. 45 minute class

Bows, arrows, Olympic targets, and archery related supplies provided.  Small class size with USA Archery SafeSport certified instructors. Student to instructor ratio 6:1

Completed forms required on first day:

 Note:  Enclosed toe shoes required (no sandals, flats, or flip-flops)

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